Labor Day has come and gone and now it’s time to get the new year rolling.  How can we open and look updated and fresh?

  1.  Consider rearranging furniture (NOT the piano necessarily!).  If you have a grand piano, it may not be possible, but you can alter the seating arrangements, end tables, etc. to create a fresh perspective when students enter the room.

2.  Rearrange your order of the lesson.  Always start with technique?  Consider sight reading or a rhythm drill, or some theory.  Regardless, reimagine how you want your lessons to proceed.  Too much of the same gets pedestrian.  Consider new possibilities.  This works for after holiday breaks too!

3.  Be sure everyone gets something fresh and new.  Even if you had a summer session and your students come for a prescribed amount of lessons and they have music, try for even a short “quick learn” piece that says “WELCOME BACK–START NEW!”

Rotating skills and activities each week is another way to avoid a rut.  NOW is the time to try even one small thing to liven up the routine.  Duets anyone?

Wishing you a joyous and healthy start to the new school year.  We are in for another exciting/trying ride this year.  Remember, we made it through last year–this year has to be an improvement.

Musically yours,

Dr. Carol Ann