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My comprehensive online course will provide everything you need to improve your students’ progress, and help them develop a passion for the instrument that lives beyond middle school. In my seven-part series of 31 short videos, you will learn the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to become a more effective and successful piano instructor.

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This is the first video in “Series #3: The Art of Outlining” titled “Abby Whiteside’s Initial Work on Outlining.” This is the FULL first episode in the series so you can see what to expect when you purchase a video series.

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Student Success Series Course Details

Series #1: Introduction
(4 videos)

Developing technical skill in students of all ages and levels is an essential building block in developing the ability to successfully navigate the piano both physically and with fluency of passagework.  This first set of videos give the student and teacher a system for learning the first group of major scales and the start of arpeggio study.

Series #2: Teaching Elementary Technique
(3 videos)

Basic Fingering Principles teaches the fundamental groups of fingerings so that with three rules, all the major scales can be learned and the fingerings more successfully remembered. These videos will cover the first year of study. Tips for the beginner’s first semester as well as a plan for covering the scales and arpeggios in an organized approach offer a solid foundation for more rapid technical advancement.  

Series #3: The Art of Outlining
(6 videos)

 Piano pedagogue Abby Whiteside discovered the art of outlining as a way of finding the emotional rhythm of a piece.  Through outlining during practice, pianists (and students!) can discover the musical lines, and create a more satisfying musical performance.  In addition, outlining is a tremendous aid in memorization. These videos present the basics of some outlining possibilities.

Series #4: Students with Special Needs
(7 videos)

In a piano studio of 30 students, as many as four or five students may have some type of learning or focus issue.  There are many reasons for this but these videos will focus on approaches to teaching that incorporate a multi-sensory approach for learning.  The discussion presented is actually good teaching for all students. 

Series #5: An Approach to Reading for the Beginner and Transfer Student (5 videos)

Developing consistent and confident reading skills is one of the most essential elements for student success.  When students struggle to read, learning is slow and arduous. I would venture to say that failure to read successfully is likely most common cause for student attrition.  When students have strong reading skills, learning the basics of the piece comes quickly, allowing for more emphasis on the musical and creative time in the learning of a piece. 

Series #6 & 7: Teaching Effective Practice Strategies Part 1 & 2 (6 videos)

Effective Practice Strategies can be used by students and pianists of all levels of advancement. Part One includes seven different practice approaches for passages and sections of music. Using another ten practice approaches, the mid- intermediate to advanced student can utilize these ideas for successfully learning pieces.  Several student demonstrations are included.