Cary Classic Piano Studio



Helping Students Reach Their Musical Potential


Cary Classic Piano Studio is located in the Harmony Subdivision off Route 55 in Cary, North Carolina. In this studio, Dr. Carol Ann Barry teaches students age 4 through collegiate level.


Lessons are offered in 45 or 60 minute lengths. Additional length lessons are offered for an accelerated program for students interested in participating in upper level competitive events.  Three recitals are offered each year in addition to participation in multi level events and festivals offered through the Music Teachers National Association, the National Guild Auditions, and the Cary-Apex Piano Teachers Association.



At Cary Classic Piano Studio, we focus on musicianship, performance, and excellence for students of all ages.  


Students are provided with goal-oriented, intensive, and progressive year-round curriculum that will encourage playing and musicianship levels to develop in a positive environment.  Challenging repertoire across all musical periods are assigned early in the student’s program.  Theory and technique are an important part of an expansive curriculum.


Three yearly recitals, group musicale and repertoire classes and festivals help students remain focused throughout the year.  When appropriate, students are offered local, state and regional opportunities to participate in competitions.  


Willing students are offered an opportunity to develop at an impressive page.  Cary classic is a place for students and their families who wish to make a genuine effort to learn to play the piano well and make music creatively within their best ability.  


Let’s Get Started

You can call Dr. Carol Ann Barry at (919) 590-2573 with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an interview. You can also fill out my online student inquiry form to request an interview today.