Most school’s spring breaks a well into April this year (in our area, it focuses on the week before Easter).  This year, it is easy to run late with plans for the year end recital.  If you haven’t already begun that final big plan for the end of the year rite of passage, now is the time to start!

I’ve given some thought about this year’s program and two things occur to me:

  1.  Students will likely be “live” this year if they haven’t played in live recitals so far this year.  It’s a welcome change!  It’s time to celebrate being together again.  Another thought….
  2. Whether or not it has been mentioned in your studio, many students are STRESSED by the events in Ukraine.  They’ve had enough upheavel and now a war that they likely don’t understand.  What does this have to do with your recital?  Perhaps you could consider a theme related to world peace, or international pieces with a positive theme.  If nothing else, it’s important to make this a celebratory time for the students.  I know my students are “thrilled” we are actually having a full reception this time.  Lots of food!  They’ve sorely missed the yummy desserts these past two years.
  3. How about a raffle for a few gift cards or movie theater tickets, or a GC for ice cream?  You could do a raffle and include some type of game or gimmick to see who receives the gift card.

Whatever you choose to do this spring, consider going out of your way to make it, light, fun and celebratory.  Students need positive reinforcement now more than ever.

All good things this spring!

Musically yours

Dr. Carol Ann