It’s almost upon us.  Soon the holidays will be here and with that will come the turning of the calendar.  I cannot believe how quickly time is passing, in spite of being home so much more.  It seems there’s more to do even with going far fewer places due to the pandemic!   Before the Christmas holidays pass you by, it might be a good time to consider how 2021 will work out.  Although it’s impossible to know exactly how the pandemic will go following the distribution of vaccines, it’s even more important to think ahead.

  1.  If you are closed, how and possibly when will you reopen?  Are you staying virtually for the year or should you let your families know the parameters for opening?  Is it a percentage of positivity in your area or when students are back in school?  If you are currently open, now is no time to let your guard down!

2.  How about goals for the next calendar year?  Can you plan for a May/June recital?  There’s a good chance we can have have socially distanced programming by then.  No pun intended but students could use a shot in the arm right about now.!  Everything has dragged on and on.  Could you start January out with maybe a short project of something new?  Perhaps learn to compose a melody or short piece using the theory tools they already know.

3.  Is your area offering virtual festivals?  I know mine is and we are enrolling like we always have.  Try to avoid throwing your hands up in the air and deciding to let this year pass.  That’s a recipe (I believe) for parents deciding now is a good time to suspend lessons.  You want to show curriculum value for their tuition buck.

4.  I’ve decided to focus on one issue in my studio that has been suffering among many of my middle school students.  Perhaps its the age, but my email assignment guides aren’t being looked at much less followed by some students.  Since we are live in the studio I decided to print out the guidlines, highlighting important items and doing a “review” the assignment time at the end of the lesson.  I then clip the page to the outside of the book, still sending the assignment to the parent as always.  I’m slowly realizing that many parents in their 30s and 40s didn’t necessary develop good organizational skills themselves during school.  I find I’m coaching them as much as the students.

I wish you all a very happy holiday/Christmas, Hannukah, Quanza, or Duali!  Take care and I will begin posting again the first week of January.

Musical blessings,

Dr. Carol Ann