It’s almost over…summer is quickly setting with the sun.  Soon we will all be back at the regular school year schedule. it seems once August begins, the slow but steady march to the start of the school year begins.  Perhaps it’s the endless ads on television for back to school shopping that makes us all feel everything is already over.  Still, it is not too soon to consider how you will approach the coming school year.   Have you considered how you are going to pace the year? Planning all recital dates now is essential not only to getting your coveted venue, but also lays the groundwork for when and how you will assign materials.  Will you be offering holiday or special event music? Perhaps a composer recital or a music period recital would be an attractive alternative to the general recitals you have given in the past. The coming weeks are crucial to successfully planning any additional or new ideas you would like to implement for the year.  Once the students walk in the door in the coming weeks ahead it will become more challenging to take the time to brainstorm those ideas while managing the weekly needs of your students. So plunge ahead and make that special plan! You will be energized walking into a new year with new ideas and your students will thank you for adding variety and creativity to the year!

While you are enjoying those last summer cookouts or trips to the beach, take a little time to plan how this year will be different.  Perhaps a themed recital or new approach to curriculum, an additional skill for all students to learn.  The list of possibilities is endless.  It’s best to choose something and stick with it rather than attempt too many new ideas all at once.  Remember you can add something fresh and new at the beginning of January!  Students tend to get excited about new beginnings–new teachers and friends, perhaps a new school.  Endeavor to make their first lesson back fresh and new–only a few changes can make a world of difference in how they perceive new beginnings in your studio!